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Come learn horseback riding and horsemanship on American Dream Farm's award winning lesson and show horses! American Dream Farm's exclusive Lesson Program offers Custom Riding and Horsemanship Lessons to fit the individual student's needs and goals. Adults, teenagers, and children are welcomed at American Dream Farm. We offer lessons to children ages 7 and up. Horsemanship Lessons for safe handling on the ground and care of horses for students who have the goal in mind of owning their own horse, and Introduction to Horse Showing and Horse Show Basics for students who want to show. First time Riders and Riders with experience are welcomed at American Dream Farm. You will feel comfortable and relaxed in a clean, well organized, professional family atmosphere. We specialize in Western Riding, Western Horesemanship, English Pleasure, English Equitation and Showmanship at Halter.

We are currently accepting a number of new weekly students. Lessons are held on Monday thru Thursday. Please call 770-634-9354 for current openings and lesson availability.

Our Lesson Program

  • Welcome to the American Dream Farm Lesson Program! Horses are magnificent, intelligent, majestic animals that draw us into their world so we can enjoy the privilege of the horse/human relationship! Come let us show you!
  • We specialize in Western Riding, Western Horsemanship, English Pleasure, English Equitation, and Showmanship at Halter. We believe in a safe, friendly, relaxed environment for children ages 7 and up who wish to enjoy the wonderful world of horses in a safe, structured, comprehensive lesson program. Younger students may be considered depending on their level of experience.
  • We also teach horsemanship along with our riding lessons. We will teach you how to communicate with horses, and identify their body language. These horsemanship skills will enable you to become a better rider. You will learn all of the facets of horse care and safety along with your riding lessons, like grooming, feeding, and healthcare. All horse care questions are always welcomed. That is horsemanship!
  • Professional instruction is offered at the following rates:
    • Lessons are $50.00 an hour
    • All new students are required to advance the first $200.00 of lesson fees
  • All students are to wear a riding helmet and a boot or shoe with a one-inch heel
  • Student weight limit 230 lbs
  • Please refer to the American Dream Farm Rider Level Classification Chart below to see what you will learn in our lesson program. Click here.