American Dream Farm has some great horses, a great dog and some very experienced personnel.

Our Horses:



Jaxx is a 14-2 hh, Age: 20 year old AQHA sorrel gelding with 4 white socks. His registered name is Sonny's Two Eyed Jaxx. He is quite a nicely bred gelding with a very sweet, sociable personality. Let's just say he is very chatty. Jaxx talks to anyone who will listen to him. This smart guy certainly knows how to get some attention! Jaxx fit into the American Dream Farm Lesson Program right away with his easy going personality, and wonderful riding talents. Jaxx rides Western and Hunt Seat and enjoys jumping.

Jaxx won the 2012 Reserve Championship in the Beginner Walk/Trot Hunter Under Saddle class, the 2012 Championship in the Beginner Junior Walk/Trot Equitation class, and the 2012 Championship in the Beginner Hunter Walk/Trot, Canter one at a time class at the Kel-Mac Saddle Club.






Fleur is a Age: 12 year old APHA Filly sired by our very own Rhinestone Sparkle, otherwise known as Boone. We were delighted to find out this very special last filly Boone ever sired was for sale. Her registered name is Sparkling Blue Eyes, and when you meet her you can see why. She is stunning! Fleur means flower in French. Fleur enjoys getting attention from our students and their parents and she certainly knows how to get it! She has an amazing work ethic and simply wants to be in the arena with the older horses. Fleur has incredible gaits and a naturally spectacular frame. As she matures her movements continues to capture the eyes of the judges at the shows. 

Fleur currently has 35 Life Time Halter Credits and 36 Life Time Performance Credits with the American Paint Horse Association PAC Program. Fleur received her first Certificate of Recognition at Halter from the APHA PAC program and won the 2012 Year End Championship in the Open English Halter class at the Kel-Mac Saddle Club. Her sire, Boone won the Open English Halter class 2012 Year End Reserve Championship at the Kel-Mac Saddle Club. In addition, 2013 was a successful year. Awards were as follows:
Champion - Adult Huntseat Equitation
Champion - Open Western Halter
Champion - Open English Halter
Reserve Champion - Adult Hunder Under Saddle
Reserve Champion - Open Color Halter
Reserve Champion - Open Showmanship







Straw's registered name is Straw Light Skipper and she is a Age: 34 year old, 15-1 HH, bred AQHA mare. Straw's great grand sire on the top side is LL Straw and her great grand sire on the bottom side is Skipper W. Straw was originally trained and shown in Western Pleasure. Straw has ridden in Competitive Trail Riding competitions, and she has shown successfully English and Western for a number of years. In between Straw's years of showing Straw has produced many fine foals. If you want to talk about a horse with a fantastic disposition, you would be talking about Straw. They just don't get any sweeter than this beautiful mare we refer to as, "Pretty Straw!"

Straw is a perfect lady no matter who is on her back. She is the perfect host for beginners, yet she can accommodate intermediate riders in both disciplines as well. Straw is a delight to have in our lesson program. Straw is owned by my sister, Renee Sullivan, and my niece, Linda Sullivan.

In loving memory of Straw & Image!








Boone is a 15 HH, Age: 17 year old, Black and White Tobiano APHA gelding. Boone's registered name is Rhinestone Sparkle. Boone is foundation bred. Boone's sire is Docs Choice Boone and he is out of Sue Miss Rebel. When we purchased Boone he was a breeding stallion and had only 30 days on him. We gelded him and started his training. Boone was easy to train because he has such a willing attitude, beautiful gaits, cadence and a fantastic natural frame. Boone's APHA PAC awards include a Certificate of Recognition in English Pleasure, a Certificate of Recognition for English Walk-Trot, and a Certificate of Recognition at Halter. Boone has 28 Life Time Halter Credits and 111 Life Time Performance Credits

We purchased Boone in May of 2006 from Mr. Paul Baggett in Cairo, Georgia of Twisted Pines Paints. We have trained Boone to ride Western and English and at Halter.  Boone has also been started  for team roping, and cross-country. What a guy Boone is! He is just a pleasure to be around, on the ground and under saddle.

Boone won the 2012 Reserve Championship in the Open English Halter class and the 2012 Reserve Championship in the Senior Huntseat Equitation class at the Kel-Mac Saddle Club. In addition, 2013 was a successful year. Awards were as follows:
Champion - Adult Hunter Under Saddle
Champion - Beginner Junior Walk-Trot Hunter U/S
Champion - Beginner Junior Walk-Trot
Champion - Beginner Hunter Walk-Trot Canter One at a Time Equitation
Reserve Champion - Adult Huntseat Equitation
Reserve Champion - Open Hunter Under Saddle
Reserve Champion - Open English Halter

Boone is very popular in the barn with the ladies and has many "girlfriends."






Zip is a 14-3 HH, Age: 19 year old, Black and White Tobiano APHA gelding. Zip's registered name is Zippidy Day. Zip's awards with the APHA PAC program include, a Certificate of Recognition at Halter, a Certificate of Recognition in the Games Division, and most recently a Certificate of Achievement at Halter. Zip currently has 91 Life Time Halter Credits and 138 Life Time Performance Credits. Zip is a foundation bred American Paint Horse sired by Tobi Haliday out of Bama's Connie. Zip's great grand sire is the famous Stallion Genuine Doc stood by Carol Rose, sired by the legendary Doc Bar. Needless to say, Zip is built like a bulldog! (Sometimes he even acts like a bulldog!) We purchased Zip as a 2-year-old stallion from Mr. Paul Baggett of Twisted Pines Paints in Cairo, Georgia. Zip came to us with 90 days on him. Zip is just a great all around horse! We have trained Zip in Halter, Western and English, Jumping, Cross-Country, and Team Roping. Zip continues to accumulate PAC points with the APHA. Zip also makes a fantastic trail horse. He is a big, healthy boy with big, healthy feet, and a big, healthy appetite! Zip is also trained to bow. He is a bit of a ham. A lot of people who witness Zip stretch say they have never seen anything quite like it! Zip can stretch like a dog with his gorgeous foundation hind quarters up in the air, and his front legs laid out on the ground in front of him! What a Show Off! In addition, 2013 was a successful year. Awards were as follows:
Champion - In-Hand Trail
Champion - Open Color Halter
Reserve Champion - Open Western Halter
Reserve Champion
- Open English Halter
Reserve Champion - Senior Huntseat Equitation




Welcome "Paris" to the American Dream Farm Lesson Program! This big beautiful girl is a 16 hh sorrel frame overo on loan from Big Sky Farm in Dacula, Georgia, owned by Carla Brown. Paris' APHA registered name is Dakota Heathen. Paris is 11 years old and sweet as they come! She is a true pleasure horse, easy to ride by students of all ages, naturally framed and slow, goes western perfectly or can gear up and move out to go HUS. She is super kind and willing. Love me some Paris!





Titan, affectionately known as Titoonious Maximus is a 16-1 HH, Kentucky bred, Age: 30 year old American Saddlebred gelding. Titan has done a little bit of everything in his life. Titan was originally trained Saddle Seat. He then served on the Macon Georgia Mounted Police Force for four and a half years. When the Macon Georgia Mounted Police disbanded, Titan was trained and showed in dressage. After riding dressage for a few years he came to live with the Smith family, and he isn't going anywhere, ever! What can I say? We just love Titan! He is an intermediate level horse with a giant heart. You won’t find another horse as gentlemanly as Titan. He has perfect ground manners. Titan is a care taker to a small child without much weight, but with his ability to gage the weight of his rider, when an adult mounts Titan they had better know what they are doing because it is GAME ON ! In addition to riding and showing Hunt Seat and Jumping, Titan also rides Western and makes a fantastic trail horse. Titan is a leader, and he is clearly in charge around American Dream Farm. He keeps all the other horses in line. And what a personality! Titan is our class clown!


Our other animals:

Angus is American Dream Farm's official farm dog. Who says a Chihuahua can't be a farm dog? When Angus isn't busy entertaining the students, you had better believe he is being a farm dog. Just like big farm dogs, Angus is a great watchdog. He loves to roll in nasty, stinky things like horse and goat poop, and much to the goat's dismay, he loves to pee on the goat's hay! He and Paloma have a love-hate relationship. I think it is more of a hate relationship! Along with everything else Angus enjoys doing he also thinks he is a "Rat Dog!" I pity the rat or mouse that show themselves when Angus is around! Jenny Kitty has some stiff competition when it comes to being a mouser!


Fauna and Paloma are two sweet little girls. They are Myotonic Goats. Some people refer to them as "Fainting Goats", or "Wooden Legged Goats" because they have a muscular condition that causes stiffening when they get startled or excited. They do not lose consciousness, their legs simply stiffen up and they "freeze" for about 30 seconds. If they get really startled they will actually fall over!

The American Dream Farm students love to visit with Fauna and Paloma. They are quite mischievous and entertaining![TOP]

Our Personnel:

Monique Y. Smith takes great pride in teaching English and Western riding and horsemanship lessons at American Dream Farm.

  • Monique has 30 years of riding experience. Monique grew up with a love of horses knowing one day she would be able to realize her American dream of sharing her love of horses, and knowledge in the equine world with others. American Dream Farm is her American dream! Monique will tell you she is here to teach you. She believes in the philosophy of, "Never say I can't" or "My horse won't." Everyone has the potential to learn, and she intends to teach you!
  • Monique Smith teaches the Beginner and Intermediate horseback riding classes for Gainesville State College. She also believes in promoting the Equine Industry by being very involved with the local school systems. American Dream Farm supports Future Farmers of America by allowing local high school students to complete their Supervised Agricultural Projects with Monique at ADF. American Dream Farm is also recognized by Winder-Barrow High School as a Youth Apprenticeship Program Business and encourages high school students to complete their Youth Apprenticeships at ADF. American Dream Farm is a practice facility for the Winder-Barrow High School Horse Judging Team.
  • Monique focuses on safety, and creating a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Monique welcomes students who love all breeds of horses and all disciplines of riding. She doesn't want students to feel uncomfortable. Come learn about the wonderful world of horses with Monique and you will see what she means!

Bio Facts:
~ Member - American Paint Horse Association
~ 3 APHA horses enrolled - American Paint Horse Association PAC Program
    ~ Halter Award earned by Zipped Day
~ Member - American Quarter Horse Association
~ President/Director - American Dream Farm Saddle Club
~ Member of Kel-Mac Saddle Club
~ Member of Newton County Saddle Club
~ Instructor for the University of North Georgia Horseback Riding Class
~ Camp Director - American Dream Farm Advanced Boot Camps and Beginner Horsemanship Camps
~ Coach - American Dream Farm Show Team (Halter, English, Western, Jumping)
~ Owner/Lead Instructor - American Dream Farm Lesson Program
~ Teaches Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels of the English and Western disciplines
~ Teaches Introduction to English and Western Horse Show Basics
~ Successfully coaches, and shows in Halter classes including Showmanship at Halter
~ Successfully coaches and shows in Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, and Trail classes
~ Successfully coaches and shows in English Pleasure, Equitation, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter Over Fences, Hunter Hack, and English Halter Classes
~ Teaches Resistance Free Western Riding and Training
~ Teaches students how to ride with proper posture to maintain good balance and rhythm for excellent equitation
~ Teaches Horse Handling Safety
~ Teaches Horsemanship basics including how to properly move a horse on the ground
~ Teaches proper grooming, tacking, and how to safely lead a horse
~ Teaches the Proper Cue Systems
~ Teaches the importance of why and how a horse should be lunged
~ Teaches proper posting techniques
~ Round pen exercises with and without a rider
~ Safe and Effective Trailer Loading
~ Teaches students how the horse thinks in preparation for handling, and riding the horse safely
~ The importance of Flat Work in preparation for Jumping
~ Trail riding techniques for a safer trail ride including
~ Negotiating obstacles, and trail etiquette

Portrait Day 2007 @ American Dream Farm

Monique Smith.


Scott has been riding since he was a young boy. There is no other way to put it when it comes to Scott and horses. He just plain gets it! Scott, like Tess has the natural ability and gift of understanding horses. He is very involved in the training and care of our horses. He has the patience and understanding required to make a good trainer. Scott is great at giving the horses a "refresher course" when they have been out of work for a while.

Scott rides English and Western, but his true passion is Team Roping!

We could not get things done around here without Scott. There isn't anything he can't do! He handles all of the construction, organizes the horses and students at the horse shows, clips, bathes, and grooms the horses, not to mention keeping the barn organized and well maintained. But, I truly believe aside from riding and training the horses I am pretty sure his favorite thing to do is to hang out with my students' mom's! I can't say I blame the guy! Yee-Haw!


Tess Smith

Portrait Day 2007 @ American Dream Farm

Tess Smith with her Mom, Monique!

Tess Smith (riding Zip)

Tess was born with a genuine love of horses, and the natural ability to understand horses. Some people just connect with horses. Tess is that person. Tess has the natural gift and ability to "read" any horse she encounters. There isn't a horse on the planet that Tess can't catch! For those of you who have been around horses that are difficult to catch you know exactly what I mean. Tess started riding under the tutelage of Cindy Farm of Grove River Ranch, formerly of Valley Vista Equestrian Center. Tess attended Cindy's Summer Camp when she had just turned 7 and she has been on a horse ever since! Tess started in Cindy Farmer's lesson program the week after Summer Camp. Tess took lessons with Cindy for almost two years and continues her ongoing Equine Education everyday. Tess is now Age: 26 years old. She has been showing locally, successfully since the age of 7.

Bio Facts:
-Associates Degree in Business from the University of North Georgia
-Instructor at American Dream Farm
-Horse Trainer at American Dream Farm
-Show Team Captain of American Dream Farm Show Team
-Lead Camp Counselor of American Dream Farm Youth Equestrian Camps
-Member of the American Paint Horse Association
-Member of the American Quarter Horse Association
-Member of the Kel-Mac Saddle Club
-Member of the Newton County Saddle Club
-Horse Trainer at American Dream Farm
-Traveling Horse Trainer and Riding Instructor
-Specializes in English Equitation and English Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Showmanship at Halter, In-Hand and Under saddle Trail training.



Scott Davis

Our Farrier

Scott Davis is the American Dream Farm farrier. Scott Davis graduated from the Oklahoma Horse Shoeing School in 1996. Scott has provided excellent care for our horses for 6 years. Not only does Scott do an excellent job shoeing the horses, but he will also take the time to answer questions regarding hoof care, conformation, and corrective shoeing if necessary. Scott creates the perfect balance of horse care and discipline it takes to be an excellent farrier.

Scott Davis has been team roping for 15 years, and competes professionally in the USCRC circuit. Scott Davis can be reached at 770-480-2383.