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a Welcome to the American Dream Farm Saddle Club! The American Dream Farm Saddle Club is offered at three different levels and is offered to riders and non riders of all ages for anyone who is interested in becoming a part of the wonderful world of horses, and to have the privilege of the horse/human relationship. Your membership will include invitations to monthly Horsemanship Days with discounts offered depending on what level membership you apply for. Horsemanship Days are similar to a one-day camp will last for 2-3 hours and will be held on Saturdays and Sundays. Many of the Horsemanship Days will include Handouts with valuable information about horses. You will receive invitations and updates via email when you receive the weekly American Dream Farm Lesson Schedule and Newsletter. The American Dream Farm Saddle Club operates at American Dream Farm in beautiful Statham Georgia. Meetings will be held at the beginning of our Horsemanship Days.

d The focus of the American Dream Farm Saddle Club is to combine learning and fun while acquiring horsemanship skills and achieving a safe, proper, balanced seat. The goal is to build positive self-esteem, good communications skills, learn the value of camaraderie, make responsible decisions, become good leaders, and learn all about horsemanship and riding. The American Dream Farm motto is, Never say "I can't" or "My horse won't."

c Many people ask what horsemanship means. Horsemanship is everything having to do with horses beyond riding including horse health, conformation, deworming, learning about first aid, pasture maintenance, farrier care, veterinary care, what vaccinations horses need, what supplements to give them, the horse herd mentality and hierarchy, and so forth.

b Please contact Monique Smith at 770-634-9354, or Monique@americandreamfarm.net to request an American Dream Farm Saddle Club Application, for more information or pricing regarding the Saddle Club.

b Monique Y. Smith a
American Dream Farm
Riding Instruction in Hunt Seat, Jumping & Western Riding
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